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CHILD is a priceless gift from Allah SWT. However, baby dumping is a social crisis and has a chronic increase as many cases are occurring in Malaysian society. The baby dumping refers to discarding or leaving alone, for an extended period of time, a child younger than 12 months of age in a public or private setting with the intent to dispose of the child. Based on Bukit Aman Police Headquarters statistics found a total of 580 babies were found dumped between year 2000 to 2006. This number of cases increase every year where as much as 65 baby dumping cases has increased to 83 cases in the year 2006. In the first 5 months, almost everyday there are reports on dumped baby cases.You read it on the front page of the newspaper or see it on the nightly news...a newborn baby found in a back alley. This scenario had been more serious from day to day although there are a lot about this in the mass media.

Mostly,among teenagers always seen to be involved in this situation. Teenage parents give birth in a motel room and leave the child for dead in a dumpster. A girl gives birth in a school bathroom at night. throws the baby into the garbage or in the toilet.These stories relate to one of the most frightening realities of our culture today: some children are viewed as problems to be thrown away rather than gifts to be treasured. More recently, the tragedy of Baby
Dumping has begun to be addressed by state legislatures throughout the nation. For example, a number of states have passed laws to provide funding, care, and services for dumped children. These legislative actions have also established 'safe houses' - public centers such as fire stations, police stations, and other public areas where women can bring unwanted children rather then leave them in trash receptacles. The hope is that, by offering an alternative to dumping, women might leave their children with people who can help the baby. Surprisingly, these cases have got a lot of attention from the community. So, what are the best opinions and ways that should be taken to prevent this scenario from spreading?
Child dumping is the practice of dumping offspring outside of legal adoption.The dumped child is called a foundling or throwaway. According to a reliable statistics, one baby is dumped every week. A figure that has trebled in the past decades. Causes include many social and cultural factors as well as mental illness.

One factor that leads to child dumping is teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is defined as a teenage or underage girl becoming pregnant.This pregnancy of teenagers are a mere result of the gratification of sexual urges. That pregnancy might not happen only if studies were prioritized rather than having relationships with the opposite sex. No premarital sex, no early pregnancy. Worst thing about this is that it is the child that will suffer. If not aborted, they are dumped by their biological parents.

Another factor is the family break-up. Family break-ups happen after a long period of misunderstandings, fighting and unhappiness. Sometimes they happen suddenly and it is hard to understand why there needs to be change at all. Children are mostly affected by this kind of situation. If both their mother and father decided to a divorce and one cannot raise their child alone, tendency is that they will dump their child. This child will become homeless and found himself alone.

Poverty is also another factor that causes child dumping. Persons in cultures with poor social welfare systems who are not financially capable of taking care of a child are more likely to dump him/her. Political conditions, such as difficulty in adoption proceedings, may also contribute to child dumping, as can the lack of institutions, such as orphanages, to take in children whom their parents cannot support. Societies with strong social structures and liberal adoption laws tend to have lower rates of child dumping.

Psychologists believe that even short-term dumping can damage a child’s emotional and social development. “Even short separations could have a negative effect on the child’s ability to form close relationships,” said Dr Michael Boulton, a child psychologist at the University of Keele. “Babies often form attachments with their mother before birth. They know their mother’s smell and turn to them when anxious or distressed. If they suddenly find they have gone it can be very damaging.”

Dr Boulton said that mothers who dump their children normally do so under desperate circumstances. “Having one’s first child is the most stressful experience someone can go through. Young mothers can be vulnerable, especially if they are alone and do not have the experience or social support to cope.”


Long-term solutions to the problem of baby dumping require efforts at prevention. Steps must be taken to prevent unwanted pregnancies, provide assistance to parents in crisis, and increase communication within families and communities.

  • Sexuality Education
Baby dumping presumably results from unwanted pregnancy. To prevent baby dumping, it is therefore ultimately necessary to educate individuals about sexuality. We supports age-appropriate comprehensive sexuality education, and recommends that schools and communities provide comprehensive sexuality education to all youth and families.

  • Responding to Unwanted Pregnancy
Individuals experiencing unwanted pregnancies must receive support and services. Communities should examine their capacity to provide the range of supports and services needed by individuals experiencing unwanted pregnancies. These services must also be publicized; people cannot use services that they do not know about. Finally, education efforts should strive to increase communication among youth, families, and communities. Increased communication may minimize the shame and secrecy associated with an unwanted pregnancy and make young people more likely to take advantage of supports and services in their families and communities.

The other ways to prevent this problem are :

- focusing the prevention programs towards the regions and categories of population with increased risks of dumping;
- setting up a coherent reporting and monitoring system as regards the dumping and the risk of abandonment;
- hiring social workers in all sanitary units depending on the number of doctors existing in the unit;
- hiring community medical assistants and physicians in all the communities presenting increased risks of dumping;
- standardizing the written forms and the procedures of registering women which get admitted in maternities in order to give birth;
- elaborating procedures for keeping records of mothers and children without identity papers and creating a database on this matter.

" Having sex after marriage is safer and it can reduce the abortion and baby dumping rate. It also helps us be more responsible and not to have sex just to satisfy our lust "

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There are three effects of Baby dumping.That is effects on individuals, the Baby and society. The effect of individuals is cause by illegal way of aborting the child and left a bad effect on them because of the wrong path, they use to abort the baby just like herbs and alcoholic substances.So, the individual will have high risk of death caused by bleeding and infection on mothers womb's. A professional consultant Gynecology, Prof. Dr. Harlina Halizah Siraj, from "Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia"(HUKM),said this illegal abortion does not take into account the health's aspects could cause harm because it does not follow the procedure that are conducted by unprofessional groups. Another way is dangerous and is not clean by inserting foreign objects into the womb. Women involved who do abortion without proper medical procedures take high risks facing death following infection and bleeding in the uterus. In addition, it is potentially experiencing bleeding in the stomach which can cause the woman unconscious or worse death. Womb also suffered injuries when doing an abortion because those who perform them are traditionally not qualified will use sharp objects such as wood, twigs or wooden sticks. Bleeding sometimes can not be detected quickly, but take a long time. There are not aware of them until they bleed unconscious.

Dr Zainul said, the long period of time, it is difficult for pregnant women to do abortion because the process can also cause bowel and uterus problems when sticks channel ovarian one clogged. If a woman is pregnant she may experience a pregnancy outside the womb. For those who had suffered injuries before, the uterus can rupture according to the statistics of death among infants who are not removed by those spontaneously and cause death.Otherwise, the effects of abortion also can cause psychological effects on the mental and emotions after marriage, especially depression, especially when age is often thought of as the content is never removed. Dysphonic effects include experience in the womb, which raised pain more than experience during the menstrual process.

*Infant mortality rate is higher due to medical care is not perfect
* according to statistics infant mortality by unresponsible person in 2 years ago, had increased 135 case from 2008 to 2009.
*cause contempt, regarded by society as adults
*problem if you want to marry because there is no guardian
*difficult for schools because there is no birth registration

-Cause the abortion will be mimicked by others.
most cases of baby dumping in the county are using the same way that removes a newborn baby into the trash. This shows there is replication of their cruel way to remove the baby into the the trash.
-the case has become wide.
-negative views from society.